Welcome to "Castel de Maussac"

Built in the first half of the 16th century, the cottage, made up of two elegant square-shaped dwellings with a square tower supporting a pepperbox turret of corbelled construction, gets its name from those who built, inhabited and kept it for almost 3 centuries: the De Maussac family.

Other originalities of this ‘castel’ include a rare canopy portal dating back from the 17th century as well as the coating applied on the tower and facades which gives an idea of a time when Collonges hid its building rocks under whitewash and wasn’t therefore red as its current name indicates.

Two De Maussac brothers were famous:

  • Charles Antoine who, in 1748, saved from a fatal fall the heir apparent Louis Ferdinand, Louis XVI’s father and was abundantly rewarded by the king.
  • Louis Henri, who is still remembered in Collonges as De Maussac’s abbot, donated a building that was to serve as a presbytery in 1825. Exiled, he was, in Rome, the chaplain of Pauline Bonaparte, Borghese princess, Napoleon 1st’s sister. Back in France, he became vicar general of Versailles.

Since 1856, the ‘castel’ has belonged to the family of the current owner and was, until the end of the 20th century, the lovely backdrop of a peaceful farm with its internal courtyard and its outbuildings (barn, stable, etc.)

As soon as you go through the portal, you will find yourself under the vine arbour, a feeling of calm and peace coming over you and you will be able to get access to the cottage at the base of the square tower through a staircase typical of Collonges’ towers.

Castel de Maussac’s location within the village will enable you to easily stroll and go back and forth to discover every structure which tells, in its own way, the rich history of the village.